About Us

KED Solutions is a registered NDIS service provider, established with a vision of supporting and empowering participants with a disability to ensure that they achieve their individual goals, whilst realizing their full potential, and build a quality life for themselves. We are committed to improving the well-being of participants with a disability and addressing their complex needs to allow them to live as autonomously as possible.

We are located in the western suburbs of Melbourne, and service Victoria-wide.

The team at KED solutions is qualified and works with utmost diligence to make sure that a participant’s physical, emotional, cultural, and domestic needs are valued, respected, and catered to.

Our foremost priority is to offer assistance in our scope, along with providing the necessary training and educating them to lead an independent life. With us, you will be treated with dignity and will be respected for your needs. We welcome participants from all walks of life, and diversities, and provide them with a professional and a safe environment while you witness our significant approach towards maintaining your well-being.

We work in accordance with your NDIS support plan, and ensure active communication, and assist you in the best possible way. With us, you can exercise your choice and control in the way you are supported.

As a responsible NDIS provider, we not only provide you with support services that are tailored to your needs in our scope, but we also link you to the services that we are unable to provide ourselves.

We support, empower, train, educate, and individuals and allow them to live an independent life.