Commitment To Quality

Continuous Quality Improvement

Our commitment to offering a quality service is articulated in the Welcome Package. We offer clients the opportunity to provide feedback to us using a range of methods – email, phone, online form and paper formats.

Our feedback monitoring processes state that we must

  • document all feedback received;
  • make a difference between an issue to be rectified and a compliment;
  • use this to improve our processes.

Based on the action taken by our service we advise the clients and thank them for the time taken to offer a suggestion, complaint or compliment.

If a complaint is received it is tracked via our Complaints Register in preparation for reporting to the Department and Disability Commissioner annually.

If an incident is registered it is managed as per our Incident Management Policy, including reporting online, in our register and as part of our annual reporting obligations.

The Quality Management System in place includes Feedback Form and Continuous Improvement Register.