Service Delivery Process

Intake forms capture the referral source and the need of the client to ensure that access to our services is based on need, available resources and is in the best interests of clients.

Welcome Pack – Information is provided to all people in English and using resources available on government websites, we develop translated brochures to explain about our service and our client’s rights and responsibilities.

Policy and Procedures are in place which document: screening and eligibility; priority of access; how to keep the client informed; governance and the recruitment and training of our workforce.

Feedback Form and Continuous Improvement Register are in place to identify and capture issues that deter clients from accessing our services.

As a Provider it is our aim to provide an outstanding individualised service to each of our participants. We welcome comments, complaints, compliments and suggestions as feedback so we can continually improve.

Every participant will be provided with information, which will also include some forms that need to be signed and given back to retain as a record. Our worker will go through and explain each section.

Once service is confirmed every participant will be offered a Service Agreement. This document clearly sets out terms and agreements of the service to be delivered to the participant.

Following this a Support Plan is developed in consultation with the client that clearly captures the services they requested and the contract of care.

In situations where this service is unable to provide a service, the client is provided with information about other providers; a referral to other services is also made on their behalf via our Service Referral form.